Africa-Europe Challenge - Yacht Race and Events around Africa


European promotional tour

The promotional events of the AEC are supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreigh Affairs, since these events take place in the Hungarian embassies. Also the ambassadors of Hungary are present on our events, and the diplomatic apparatus helps us in the organization. The goals of these events are, as follows:

  • informing the public about the AEC project through the local media
  • informing the leaders of the business organizations (chambers, companies) mainly about the AEC Business Forum event series, and the opportunities to join the program
  • finding business partners and sponsors
  • informing the local sailing and shipping community about the AEC
  • building contacts for the other AEC projects
  • introducing partners and sponsors

Promotional events until now:

  • 29th September 2011 - Oradea, Romania
  • 4th October 2011 - Hague, the Netherlands
  • 10th November 2011 - Madrid, Spain
  • 30th November 2011 - Berlin, Germany
  • 24th April 2012 - Lisbon, Portugal
  • 26th February 2013 - Stockholm, Sweden
  • 28th February 2013 - Warsaw, Poland
  • 16th April 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic

Further Promotion Events:

  • 7th May 2013 - Rome, Italy